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Send in a box. Practical recommendations for your ecommerce

Why ship in a box?

Whether large companies, family businesses, entrepreneurs or small merchants who create unique pieces and sell online to the entire world, entrust their items in a box. The truth is that when we make any purchase online, it is normal for it to always come in a cardboard box . There are some companies that take care of every last detail and have quite attractive packaging in their shipments, others, however, settle for a corrugated cardboard box and give total prominence to the article in its purest form, but they are the least, because the The trend is to care for, pamper and surprise the customer and ensure that the online receipt and purchasing experience is complete from the beginning. And why are most packages shipped on this carrier? These may be some of the reasons that make them make this decision:
  1. Security : cardboard boxes have a resistance that protects the merchandise from possible breakage, wear, deterioration, etc.
  2. Surprise factor : what will be inside? The box is the prelude to happiness! We open it and strike out! That's what we expected.
  3. Easy to personalize : with the company logo, with stamps, scrap, octagonal in shape, orange... there are a thousand ways to personalize the box you want
  4. Economical : cardboard boxes can be purchased for very competitive prices compared to other materials.
  5. Ecological : we can reuse it until it deteriorates for other functions and then recycle it.
  6. Discretion : Whatever you sell, when you put it in a box, no one will know what shape it has, whether wrapped or not, it will be box-shaped.
  7. Easy shipping : for transport companies it is much easier and therefore better stored and cared for, a flat package than one with twenty thousand "packages".
  8. Light : The material weighs little, which translates into fewer kilos to send and therefore, shipping at a better price
  9. The box as a product, not as packaging: There are companies that are not looking for the simplest, most economical, safest packaging... no; is that your product is a Box with items inside that box.
  10. From box to experience : There are business models that sell experiences inside a box. That is, you can buy a box of something, which has things inside, that you will turn into a wonderful experience. For example, at textilebox, you buy a box full of this:
box infographic and with your little hands you do this: cushions Or at madewithlof you can buy stationery that comes unassembled in a cardboard box self-propelled box and you turn it into a party! flower table At Telecajas we have many models of boxes for businesses , and we can offer you the box you need for what you want to send and if you are looking for something more personalized, contact us and we will try to find what you are looking for.
  • Self-assembling cardboard box

This is our most versatile box, in kraft color, available in various sizes , you assemble it yourself, it is very resistant and with the possibility of customizing it . We call it the Box of Ideas because it is so versatile, it makes your imagination fly in many different directions. Screenshot 2015-08-10 at 14.36.33 cardboard-box-self-assembling-postal-shipping-35x25x10-cms In addition to this self-assembly, we have the following:
  • wine box

Don't be afraid of shipping delicate bottles: they will reach their destination! Available for two bottles or three bottles. Perfect for delicatessen businesses, wineries, restaurants... bottle boxes
  • Ham Box

Don't let the packaging give you away and send the hams in these boxes designed especially for this. A good product, in a quality box. strong-cardboard-boxes-for-hams-and-shoulders-
  • Telescopic boxes for pictures, televisions...

For painters, galleries, for large and flat products, we have these wonderful telescopic boxes that adapt to the desired size, with a system where one box is inserted into another, adapting to the size of the object.
  • Fixed box for pictures, televisions...

Designed for the same objects as the previous one (large and flat products) with a fixed measurement. With space to protect the shipment with bubble wrap or foam and avoid bumps during transport.
  • Book cases

If what you want to send are books, diaries, prints... this is your ideal packaging, perfect for protecting and sending in reduced space and volume, which means lower shipping costs; An economical and safe solution for small treasures.
  • Container boxes

If what you need to send are bulky things, these container boxes will come in handy. Without covers, blank and reinforced with kraft, sold in packs of 10. container
  • Bin boxes with lid

For the bureaucratic part of the business, these cardboard recycling bins, very similar to the previous one, but with a lid.
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