Collection: Material Padding and protection

Use the appropriate protection to guarantee that your shipments arrive perfectly and avoid breakage, thus saving money and giving a perfect image to your brand's customers. We have filling and cushioning systems for shocks that may occur during transport or moving, such as the more ecological bubble wrap, kraft paper, which covers gaps. If what you want is filling material for very fragile objects such as glass or porcelain, we have protection in the form of packaging chips : in the form of worms (more cushioning) or square (more economical).

We have different sizes of Rolls of Bubble paper , rolls of Stretch Film to palletize or protect bulky objects, and bubble envelopes to protect smaller objects, along with their exterior notices such as "Fragile" stickers

To move heavy objects during a move, the easiest way is to do it with our Extra strong moving blankets

Here you will find all the Packing material necessary and at the best price

Material Relleno y protección - TELECAJAS