Caja de carton con zapatos de mujer

How to Decorate Cardboard Boxes after Moving

How to Decorate Cardboard Boxes to Store Things

One of the easiest crafts with cardboard boxes to do is to decorate them to your liking and reuse them to store all the things you want ! It is a creative, decorative and cheap way to keep everything you can imagine organized and stored.
Caja de Cartón Cardboard Box for Moving

Different techniques that we can use to Decorate the Boxes:

  • paints: tempera paints, markers, finger paint (the little ones)
  • Gift Wrap
  • stickers
  • diary paper
We have decided on washi tape : decorative adhesive tapes, because it is easy to use, it has many possibilities and we love the result!
Rollos de Washi Tape Washi Tape Rolls

What do we need to decorate the boxes?

  1. a cardboard box
  2. washi tape
  3. Scissors

How do we decorate them?

Take the box and remove (if it still remains) the seal that you used to close it. Choose the washi tape you are going to use. Tuck the flaps inside the box if you don't need to cover what you are going to store. And get to work! You can decorate it as a toy box.
Tip : Decorate the cardboard boxes with children's motifs or you can even ask your children to decorate them themselves, or all together, doing a family activity...picking up the toys will become another part of the game.
Cajas para guardar cosas: ej. Juguetes Boxes to store things: e.g. Toys

Result: Decorated Cardboard Boxes

Always have the books at hand, placing them next to the sofa, without having to get up to the bookstore. With a decoration according to the living room, it can be very practical.
Cajas para guardar cosas: ej. Libros Boxes to store things: e.g. Books

Here we have a Box Lined with Fabric

How about this vintage planter ? romantic, simple, decorative…
Caja Forrada con Tela para Flores Fabric Lined Flower Box

Last tip: Decorated Shoe Box

With a simple touch, we can turn the moving box into a box decorated like a nostalgic trunk of memories .
Cajas de Zapatos Decoradas Decorated Shoe Boxes
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