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TELEBOXES | Very Fragile Adhesive Tape | 125 meters x 48 mm | Box of Packaging Seals of 36 rolls

TELEBOXES | Very Fragile Adhesive Tape | 125 meters x 48 mm | Box of Packaging Seals of 36 rolls

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Very Fragile Adhesive Seal

Guarantee the security of your fragile packages with TELECAJAS Fragile Packaging Tape. This 36-roll box of heavy-duty red duct tape is designed to protect your delicate shipments and alert shippers and handlers to the fragility of their contents.

The tape features white "Fragile" lettering that stands out clearly against the red background, allowing for easy identification of packages requiring special care.

The included dispenser makes it easy to apply the tape to boxes and packages, allowing you to seal your shipments quickly and efficiently. The powerful adhesive ensures a firm, long-lasting seal, protecting your fragile items during transport.

Our fragile packaging tape is perfect for use at home, offices, warehouses, online stores and shipping services. Protects a wide variety of delicate items, including glass, ceramics, electronics and more. Don't leave your shipments to chance; Choose Fragile Packaging Tape and guarantee the protection of your packages.


  • High resistance polypropylene adhesive tape. Inexpensive but strong acrylic adhesive that sticks to multiple surfaces. Shatter and cut resistant backing for secure sealing


See the description of each item. Look at whether they are interior or exterior dimensions, and take into account whether they are expressed in centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), liters (L), etc.

Instructions for Use

  • Peel the tip of the tape off the roll. Firmly press the tape onto the surface to be sealed. Smooth the tape as you apply it to avoid wrinkles and prevent trapped air. Slightly overlap layers of tape for a tight seal. Cut the tape with scissors or with the serrated edge of the dispenser included in the pack.
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Customizable Product

Personalize your boxes or tape with your logo or design!
Send us your design and we will print it on the boxes with the highest quality, using ecological inks. Reinforce your identity and create unique and memorable packaging that makes your packaging stand out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ra√∫l M.
Cinta adhesiva resistente

La cinta adhesiva "Muy Fr√°gil" de Telecajas es excelente. Es muy resistente y se adhiere muy bien, lo que la hace perfecta para embalajes delicados. Muy satisfecho con el producto.

José F.
Recomendado para Cinta adhesiva muy fragil

El Cinta adhesiva muy fragil es el mejor que he probado hasta la fecha, funciona a la perfeccion.

tamaño perfect

para mí, tiene el tamaño perfecto y el envío después no es muy caro


Estas cajas son el mejor descubrimiento en mucho tiempo.