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12 tips for moving during pregnancy

Tips for pregnant women during a move

If you are pregnant and have a house move in the offing, in this post we give you some tips so that you and the baby don't have a bad time and it is as bearable as possible. It can also be interesting for how to move with a baby or small children. There are so many reasons why we moved that I think they are unclassifiable : because the house has become small or big, because of work displacement, because we want more tranquility or more movement, because we have no other choice, because we have your mother. close, because you have decided to change your life...


Pregnancy tips Infographic: Tips for moving during pregnancy

Whatever your situation, if you are pregnant, take a look at these tips that we hope will be useful and give you some ideas.
  1. Arm yourself with patience

    It's hard work, take it easy and don't get overwhelmed. It's okay to do things little by little : better step by step than getting scared.
  2. Get comfortable.

    Dress as comfortably as you can, with shoes and loose clothing that allow freedom of movement and tie your hair up, so you won't feel it getting dusty or sticking to your face.
  3. The baby and you are the most important thing.

    It seems absurdly obvious but sometimes we forget what is really important and we believe that "nothing happens" forcing situations that can hurt us. Moving is THINGS , it doesn't matter if you move them today or tomorrow, they will be there until you can do it.
  4. Aid.

    You may not need help with packing, storing things, organizing and other things. It is clear that you are not sick; You are pregnant and you can do many things, but there are others you cannot , such as carrying moving boxes, heavy furniture, etc. If you have someone who can help you, great, ask them and if not and you have the possibility, hire a moving company to do what it is not recommended for you to do.
  5. Rest every so often.

    Whether in preparation, on moving day or already installed in the new house, when you feel a little fatigue, stop and rest . Take your time to return to activity and do it when you really feel strong.
  6. Drink water and eat from time to time.

    You can take advantage of the previous moments of rest to hydrate and eat something, this way you recharge your energy and it will be easier for you to overcome fatigue.
  7. Move on.

    If you have been in the same position for a long time, you should change your posture so that the blood can circulate. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, where the legs swell and the feet become just another number. If you have been sitting for a long time, you can get up and walk a little or change seats; The important thing is that you move.
  8. Always have your cell phone at hand.

    If you are carrying things, moving, stirring, unpleasant surprises can often happen, such as dropping something and not being able to move or having a seizure . If you carry your cell phone in a pocket, or on your hook, it is a precaution and a cautious woman...;) In addition, we can also use it to write down tasks that occur to us and that you have to postpone to another time, such as, for example, calling Some association to come take the clothes you don't want to take with you or defrost the refrigerator if you move soon.
  9. Check the hospital bag with your pregnancy papers at all times.

    That is, don't put them in a box at the beginning of the move and pile more on top of it. May it always be located and accessible for whatever may happen, we already know the chaos that this entails and if the baby says "- here I am" it doesn't wait for anyone!
  10. Direct and organize.

    Whether you have hired someone or they are friends and family, who are doing what you cannot do manually, you can direct them and organize where everything goes, put emphasis on the packages that require more care, label the boxes that become complete and seal them, etc.
  11. Don't climb tall stairs, especially if you are alone.

    Even if you think it is not an unwise height , when we are pregnant, any step is.
  12. Philosophy in the face of Nest Syndrome.

    I know, I've been through this too and moving is the worst. Think positively : everything will be there by the time the little one arrives and if not, nothing happens, "he comes to his chaotic house", but he comes, which is the important thing.
And nothing more, good luck, to finish when it's done, and most importantly, that you and the baby sit at home when you arrive.
If you want to provide some advice to other pregnant mothers, leave us your comment. It will be a pleasure to expand this list together!
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