15 Consejos para Hacer Mudanzas

15 Tips for moving yourself (Based on experience)

The time has come... the move begins: who said fear?

A move is not easy , but if we know how to make it a little more bearable... the better! We recommend these 15 tips based on our own experience on how to do a move yourself You don't need to take everything with you. It is a good time to clean out your closet and unnecessary objects .

crushed by boxes

Start with the books

If you are bookworms at home, you can start with the books that you know you are not going to read during this period. The books are heavy and take up a lot of space, so use small cardboard boxes to handle their weight and label them with the titles, subject matter or authors, for example: cookbooks, books by Borges. If there is anything more relevant or added, also write in the box. moving-tips

And also continue with the things that you are not going to use much ...

clothes from the attics, drawers of forgotten objects, etc. Leave out what you are going to need and what is essential : if there are 2 of you; two chairs and the others can now be stored. A bottle of gel and shampoo for both of you and the others to save or throw away, etc. dark-skinned couple moving

If you have small children...

Try to ensure that when you get to work, they are with your grandparents, friends, neighbor, or babysitter, but that they are not in the thick of it , or else it will be endless. If there is no possibility of temporary exile (:P), try to plan a marathon of activities or movies for them. If they are older ... let's participate in the work! family move

Pack fragile items well

With bubble wrap and worms inside the boxes...they will not save you more than one disappointment and gives you a lot of peace of mind. If you do not have these, you always resort to newspaper, less recommended, but better than nothing. PLATE PACKAGING

Do not close the boxes until they are complete

and until everything from the same range is finished being packed. For example, if we are in the kitchen, we prepare all the utensils, plates, glasses, and so on and we put them in boxes, but before closing we check that we have finished with everything, everything, because there is always a serving spoon that is left loose. and we can put one, or a lost tablecloth in the ironing clothes that we would like to have included here. moving kitchen

Where to label?

We prefer to do them on all sides with a thick marker , because not all moving companies have the delicacy of arranging the boxes by the written front, so we prefer to put it on the front and back sides, on the sides and on the top. However, if it seems exaggerated, you can do it on one front and one side ... But write what's inside, that many times we think we're going to remember and then things disappear! label boxes

Where do we stack things while we are still in the old house or office?

Try to set up a room if possible for all the boxes and furniture and if, no, a little corner, a corner, but some space that does not hinder passage or life, until you leave. living room full of moving boxes

Be careful with glass on tables and furniture!

Cover them with bubble wrap and put emphasis on the delicate corners.

Never put tape directly on furniture ...

It is difficult to remove. Always use it on some packaging, such as plastic, bubbles, etc. SEAL FURNITURE

Use closet boxes for clothes :

It is much more practical to “take down and hang” than to “take down, fold, unfold and hang.” In addition, you can always reuse them in the storage room to store winter clothes , or lightly used clothes. Portable cabinet boxes made of cardboard with hanger included from Telecajas

Disassemble the furniture that allows you to

until you can handle them or they fit where they have to go. It is not necessary to remove every last screw from the cradle; If it can be divided into two, great! the less you will have to ride afterwards.

Secure the nuts, screws and small parts of the furniture you are going to disassemble with a small bag or in the same seal somewhere on the furniture .

For example, in a bed, always place the legs and screws of the bed base next to the bed base, glued to the bottom of it.

Mrs .

Find out about NGOs or companies that collect clothes, furniture or toys in your area. Some come home and take it and others you take... but when there is any doubt between donating and throwing away, donate it, I'm sure someone will thank you! You can also locate containers of used clothes and shoes nearby, for example. moving sofa

Celebrate the end of the move!

Give them a tribute in the new house or office, whether it's champagne, to baptize the home, or hamburgers on an improvised table with cardboard boxes, but we have to celebrate that the big thing is over! ... and enjoy the new!
smiling boxes Take the move happily


Infographic with 15 tips for making a move
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