cómo organizar las cajas para una mudanza

How to organize boxes for a move

Moving to a new home is a stage in our lives that we face with excitement, but it is also a time in which we have to pack everything we have in a short time, safely and, above all, make it as organized as possible. As we know that moving is a very stressful task, we want to help you with this post in which we give you some tips on how to organize boxes for a move .

  • Sizes . When the time comes to put away all our belongings for the move, it is also when we have to collect all kinds of boxes to make the move. You will come across a lot of boxes of different sizes , so the first step to good organization is to assess how you are going to fill them. If you have very bulky boxes, take the opportunity to put those objects that take up a lot of space but don't really weigh (cushions, pillows, etc.). For books, dishes or any heavy object, use boxes whose cardboard (especially underneath) is very resistant and that is a medium-small size . Anything made of glass, porcelain or a material that can break when hit, wrap it in advance with newspapers or bubble wrap.
  • Condition of the boxes . It is as important to carry out an orderly move as it is to take into account the condition of the boxes where we store our belongings. And if we take advantage of a box that has been used a lot and is therefore broken or worn, it can end up breaking during transport, damaging everything inside. If you have doubts, completely seal the edges of the box to prevent the flaps from coming loose, but ideally you should avoid a box whose condition is not 100% safe and clean for your belongings.
  • Select and label . You should start packing those objects that you use occasionally : books, records, movies, certain household items and dishes, clothes that you generally have stored (sheets, towels, blankets) or clothes from the opposite time of year to the one you are packing. moving. This way, you will little by little put everything in boxes but you will not miss it in your routine until the day the move takes place. Never forget to label the contents of the boxes on the outside. Surely when you start packing it will seem impossible not to know what you have kept inside, but when you have been organizing more than 5 boxes or several days, you will not know what is inside.
  • Store them . It is convenient to be able to store the boxes in the same room where you have been packing the belongings, but this is not always possible since we generally have to continue living in the old house until moving day. If you decide to store them in a room that you use less, place them by areas or themes ; for example: bathroom, kitchen, living room, desk, light clothing, etc. When they have to be loaded onto the truck, the contents of them and the care that must be taken with each one of them will be much easier .
  • Importance of the seal . It is also very important that the boxes are well sealed since we are not going to store any more things inside. The state in which the belongings arrive will depend on this gesture, you will prevent the entry of humidity or bugs and that the boxes fulfill their purpose until the completion of the move.
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