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Costume with CARDBOARD BOXES: 11 benefits for you and your children

One more year, you set out to find an original costume for your child and the first thing you do (of course) is search on GOOGLE: Costume with cardboard box. You get a lot of pages and images with twenty thousand costumes made from cardboard boxes. You like some more than others, but nothing convinces you. Until you see things like this, you fall in love and you only think about THE COSTUME, in capital letters, because it can't be anything else.

Cardboard Llama Costume

And it's normal that you like it, but apart from the fact that it catches your eye for obvious reasons, do you know what benefits this homemade costume has, made with recycled boxes that you like so much?

We show you some:

  1. Encourage imagination , thinking about what to do, how to do it, previewing how it will look, empathizing with the chosen character, etc.
  2. We use recycled material , since they are used boxes with semi-new materials and with this we become aware of the importance of Recycling , Reusing, taking advantage of resources and taking care of the Planet.
  3. Develops fine motor skills : taking control of the muscles of the hand and fingers when cutting, gluing, joining, etc., in addition to
  4. It promotes hand-eye coordination , which seems silly, but for the little ones, it is hard for them to pick up and manipulate with their hands what they see with their eyes.

We work on spatial vision , mentally planning where a part goes, where to put another part or what dimensions of cardboard you should cut to create what you imagine.

How to make a cardboard llama costume

6. Searching for inspiration, shuffling options, deciding on one, creating it, adapting it, etc., becomes a common project between children-parents that strengthens the bond and excites adults and children.

7. We share TIME with them, one or two afternoons, on the weekend, and that is the happiest thing that can make our children. The process is what is important.

8. And the result , you just have to see it, is spectacular! It's true that you have to be a little crafty to make it look like this, and that good photos and decorations go a long way, but hey, yours is sure to be more authentic and, overall, the important thing is time. that you have enjoyed together, so your child will surely go with the most original and most beautiful costume of all.

Cardboard aviator costume

9. The main material is a used cardboard box , so it is not that it is an inexpensive costume , it is that our costume can be FREE.

10. Paints that you have at home, wool, tissue paper and others are the usual materials that are easy to find in a house with children and if we have to buy it, it is not a big expense either.

11. If we had to buy a costume for each child, every year, on every occasion they needed it... have you done the math? Christmas, carnival, End of Year Party, birthday, pajama party, school theater... a ruin, Much better to express your imagination and use what we have!

Cardboard Unicorn Costume

And you don't even need the entire box to make good costumes. If we are good at crafts and have good taste (which is a given), we can also do wonders with the walls of the box or cardboard sheets :

Cardboard Buo Costume
Cardboard Cake Costume

All of these gorgeous costumes are by Merrilee Liddiard .

I leave the link to your blog, because it is pure MAGIC! and it is worth knowing it.

She has an exquisite craft book and, as she herself says, “ No lonely cardboard box is safe.

Do you dare to create?

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