Pensando en el coste de la mudanza

How much does a move cost?

Moving is a big physical and mental job, it doesn't matter if the transfer is crossing to another part of the Globe or to the next street; It doesn't matter if it is for a large or small house: packing, organizing, ordering and the thousands of etc. that it entails, must be done for the change of house near, far, large or small. Now, these factors do cause the costs of one or the other to vary and there are other aspects that must be taken into account when making a move, such as doing it on your own or hiring Moving Companies , and if you decide on the latter option , the rates of each company are very variable and offer different services, for example, choosing between a fixed rate or having them prepare an hourly budget. A pre-established Fixed Cost move can be more economical if you have a large house or office with a lot of furniture and moving boxes to ship long distances. If you are in this case, we recommend that you request several quotes from different Companies to know what margins you are going to move between.

What is the Price of a Move?

The price depends on many factors: national or international destination, income level in your city (it does not cost the same in Madrid or Barcelona as in medium-sized cities like Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia...), size of the house, Hiring a crane to lower the belongings, etc. Therefore we are going to indicate approximate average quantities:
For a 1 bedroom home:

The average cost of moving for a 1-bedroom house or apartment is approximately €400. If you buy packaging to protect all objects, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc., add an extra of approximately €100 to this

Homes with up to two bedrooms:

It is usually around €500 for a 2-bedroom apartment or house , with packing services estimated at an extra €150 .

For a house move with up to 3 bedrooms:

For a 3-bedroom house, the price is around €650 , while additional packaging can cost you around €200 more.

Large house move up to 4 bedrooms

If what you need is to move a large home with about 4 bedrooms , it will increase to €900 and the packing services will be around €250.

Table Costs of a Move according to the Size of the Home.

Approximate and estimated prices. They may vary depending on the city, type of home and final belongings to be moved.
Bedrooms Moving Cost Packaging Cost
1 €600 €120
2 €700 €180
3 €850 €250
4 €1100 €300
In any case, we always recommend that you search, compare and that when choosing, you decide on several factors, not just the price, because many times, cheap is expensive and it is better to spend a little more on professionals and materials. trustworthy that guarantee a successful, orderly and efficient move, that go for the cheapest first and that can cause a lot of headaches, loss of time and money. Have a good move!
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