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How to organize your winter wardrobe: practical tips to make the most of your space

The cold has arrived and with it the need to change our summer clothes for winter ones. We know that this task can be overwhelming, especially if you have a small closet or if you are one of those people who accumulate clothes that you no longer wear. But do not worry! With a little organization and some practical tips, you can have a tidy and functional winter wardrobe.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

Before you start, remind yourself that this takes time, but remember that you only do it twice a year. If you organize yourself well, this task will not be as tedious as it seems.

2. Play music

Play your favorite music to cheer you up during the process. You'll be surprised how it can make work more bearable!

3. Prepare a suitable surface to handle clothes

Find a flat place to handle the clothes: your bed, a clean floor or with a blanket, a piece of furniture, etc. Choose a surface where you can leave, fold and stack clothes without problems.

4. Have everything you need at hand

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need: moth repellent, dust catcher, cloth, furniture cleaner, air freshener, bags, cardboard boxes, closet boxes, suit covers, markers, seals. Let's get down to business: The first thing you should do is take out all the clothes from your closet. It is important to thoroughly clean the closet, no matter how clean you have it, there is always some dust or dirt that accumulates in the drawers and shelves. Start by selecting the clothes you can wear this season: jeans, t-shirts, sportswear, etc. Separate what you are not going to wear: dresses, summer fabric pants, short-sleeved shirts, suits, etc. This is the perfect time to get rid of clothes that you haven't worn in a long time or that you no longer like. Remember: "if I haven't worn it even once this season, sayonara baby!" You can put the clothes that you no longer need in a cardboard box to donate to people who may need them. Once you have separated all the clothes into three categories (use this season, do not use and donate), start organizing the winter clothes that you will continue to use this season. Organize it according to your needs: daily clothes as close as possible, a space for shirts, another for pants, one for skirts, etc. Store the clothes that you are not going to use this season in closet boxes or bags.

If you use boxes, be sure to label them very well and as specifically as possible, so that you don't have problems when searching for clothes next season. If you prefer bags, vacuum cleaner bags are highly recommended, as they minimize space, eliminating empty spaces filled with air and preventing clothes from collecting dust.

For more special suits and clothing, use covers to protect them from bugs and dust.

If you have closet space issues, you can use alternative supports, such as portable closet boxes, which you can take to the storage room or your mother's house.

With everything organized, it's time to label boxes and bags. If you have children, you can enter the name and the season that will be used, for example: Gonzalo, summer 2015, or Abrigos Blanca summer 2016 if they are inherited from siblings.

Before closing the boxes and bags, put in moth repellent to protect your clothes from bugs. Try to make the most perfect Tetris you can so that everything fits in its place and you don't waste valuable space. Finally, place air fresheners or scent bags so that the closet smells like autumn. And ready! Now you can admire your work and feel satisfied with the result.

Organizing your winter closet may seem like a difficult task at first, but by following these practical tips and spending a little time and effort, you can have a functional and organized closet. Plus, by getting rid of clothes you no longer wear, you are contributing to a worthy cause by donating them to people who need them.

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